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March 24

PS4 Review: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

   LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is a love letter to Marvel fans. If you can look past the game’s light and comedic tone (it’s a LEGO game after all), you’ll find plenty to love about this colorful and entertaining romp through the Marvel Universe. Story: I can’t explain what exactly happens because for one I […]

January 31

PS4 Review: Killzone: Shadow Fall

I’ve never been a huge “Killzone” fan. I really enjoyed “Killzone 2” when it came out back in 2009, but that had more to do with the game’s beautiful graphics and atmosphere than gameplay. I never got around to finishing “Killzone 3”, although I did manage to play through a couple of chapters (meh). Given […]

January 22

Console Review: Playstation 4

I know, I know, the PS4 has been out for a couple of months now, but I finally got my hands on one a week ago, and I thought I’d share some initial thoughts with you all. So, is it worth dumping your PS3 and making the switch, or can you afford to wait a few […]

October 09

10 Blu-Rays You Need to Own this Season

This summer gave us a pretty eclectic mix of good/sh*tty movies, but when it comes to blu-rays, most of that doesn’t matter. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I own a bunch of movies I don’t really like just because of how cool they look in sweet, glorious high definition. Here are […]

June 11

Sony Wins E3, Microsoft Screws Up Big Time

Wow. I did not expect Sony’s conference to go as well as it did; I hoped it would, but didn’t think it’d be possible. Sony has made a plethora of mistakes these past few years (overpriced PS3, pointless PSP Go, and Playstation Move to name a few), and I just expected the company to make […]

May 22

Xbox One Going for Mass Appeal, Forgets Gamers

After watching yesterday’s Xbox One reveal, it’s clear that Microsoft has very little interest in actual video games. The bulk of the presentation consisted of showing off TV broadcasting capabilities and an improved Kinect, which would be fine if the Xbox One wasn’t intended to be a gaming console. Sure, we learned of some franchises […]

May 08

The 3D Printing Revolution

There have been a lot of big words thrown around to describe the 3D printing (aka additive manufacturing) movement, but none have been as polarizing as the word “revolution”. What is the 3D printing revolution, and more importantly, who is the major player in this fast-emerging market? Let’s take a step back and talk about […]