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June 01

WARCRAFT Review (Spoiler-Free) + Discussion | Geek Authority


May 11

Will the WARCRAFT Movie Suck? | Geek Authority

June 04

PS4 Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Movie tie-in games are generally pretty awful. While there have been some exceptions – one of them being 2004’s Spider-Man 2 game –  tie-ins are usually low on polish and creativity. As long as they’re playable by the time the movie is out, that seems to be enough for publishers. While The Amazing Spider-Man 2 certainly qualifies […]

April 23

PS4 Review: inFamous: Second Son

I absolutely loved the first two “inFamous” games, particularly “inFamous 2.” I played the shit out of that game and didn’t put it down until I had earned the platinum trophy. Given that the PS4 has been light on compelling software, I was extremely eager to play “inFamous: Second Son” and see what Sucker Punch […]

March 24

PS4 Review: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

   LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is a love letter to Marvel fans. If you can look past the game’s light and comedic tone (it’s a LEGO game after all), you’ll find plenty to love about this colorful and entertaining romp through the Marvel Universe. Story: I can’t explain what exactly happens because for one I […]

March 10

Movie Review: Need For Speed (2014)

Video game adaptations have historically been pretty bad. With atrocities like “Super Mario Bros.”, The “Resident Evil” franchise, and more mediocre fare like “The Prince of Persia”, studios just never seem to get them right. “Need for Speed” is actually in a unique position to succeed. It gives director Scott Waugh the opportunity to create […]

February 22

Top 13 Most Memorable PS3 Games

I’m not gonna lie; I’ve mostly been using my PS4 to watch Netflix and Hulu. I’m done playing Killzone: Shadow Fall, and I’m currently playing through LEGO Marvel Super Heroes,but other than that, it’s been pretty light on the gaming side. That’s all about to change with Thief and Infamous: Second Son on the horizon, […]